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Wednesday February 21st 2018



Hair Extensions are still in fashion…..

It seems that hair extensions are still in high gear …If you want thicker fuller hair and have tried many of the volumizing shampoos,  heat styling products, etc. and are still not happy with your hair, it is time to check out extensions. The stars in Hollywood are still using them as well as models and television personalities. How do you think they all look so good? We use only the finest European hair on the market. We use the best fusion method which we have researched.

Controversy about the Brazilian Blow Out! Another reason to try our Paul Brown Keratin straightening treatment

According to a report on ABC News, significant levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, has been found in the Brazilian Blow Out products. They claim to be “100% salon safe”. According to a study made by the Oregon OSHA and the Oregon Health and Science University’s Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology  the products had an alarming amount of formaldehyde. They found it contained4.85 to 10.6 percent, as well as unspecified amounts of methanol and ethanol.  According to ABC News , if a hair treatment has more than 0.1 percent formaldehyde, the manufacturer should alert the stylist. Regulators in Canada have issued a health alert warning that the Brazilian Blow Out product contains 12 percent formaldehyde, which causes burning eyes, nose, and throat, breathing difficulties and some hair loss. For more info. check out http://www.newsinferno.com/health-concerns/popular-brazilian-blowout-prompts-health-warnings/. We know that Paul Brown products are formaldehyde free.

INOA by L’Oreal is here @ By Subairi

INOA by L’oreal is @ By Subairi

INOA is the hair color of the future. It is a breakthrough technology, the ODS or oil delivery system. The oil maximizes the effectiveness of the hair color system.There is No Odor, No Ammonia, it has optimum scalp comfort, fantastic gray coverage, it preserves the hair fiber color after color and it gives sublime shine.


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NameE. E.
How was your experience?
I insist that every guy I date MUST get his hair cut by Subairi. He is without a doubt the best stylist in DC…he adds at least 3 hotness points after every hair cut! Subairi has an amazing knack for knowing what will complement a man’s features and make the man look 5-10 years younger. Plus, Subairi creates styles that are both hip and professional, rather than the trying-too-hard Toni & Guy kind of look. Subairi is just the best.
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Paul Brown Straight Perm to fix the Summer Frizz!

During the Paul Brown Straight Perm treatment

The client in the picture wanted to smooth her unruly locks. She had very tight curly regrowth at her roots and about four inches of relaxed hair on the ends. She had relaxers before and felt they made her hair too straight and limp as well as dry. We used the Paul Brown Straight Perm Treatment on her regrowth and ends. We pretreated her hair with Treat Elite, a keratin hair strengthener, that protected her already chemically processed hair. The finished hair had a little wave still so she could wear her hair wavy with out being frizzy. When we blew out her hair it was shiny….no flat iron needed.

After the Paul Brown Straight Perm treatment

H R.

Washington, DC


I have naturally ashy blond hair that I’ve been dying red/auburn for years.  I intended to let it fade away and go brown, then ashy blond, but I got tired of waiting and was ready to pay to get it back to my natural shade.  After researching virtually every salon in DC via yelp, google, yahoo and word of mouth, I decided that this place had the most consistently excellent reviews regarding hair coloring.  So right!

I had an appointment with Subairi who is an absolute master of hair color and highlights, not to mention an adorable man.  He took my fading coppery red hair and made it a naturally highlighted honey/caramel blond.  GENIUS!!!  I cannot say enough good things about this place…clean, cute, plenty of magazines to read, friendly staff, and nobody pushed any hair products on me.  My hair isn’t fried, it’s shiny and bouncy and exactly the hair color I had hoped for.  I’m so, so impressed.  The price is really great by DC standards, and although $140 for highlights/hair color is still a bit of cash, every cent is well spent at this place.  They now have a customer for life :).




M. D.

Falls Church, VA


I have been going to Subairi, the owner of By Subairi, for over 6 years.  In that time I have only had one mediocre haircut – every other time I have walked out looking fabulous.  I’ve had numerous people – including strangers – compliment me on my hair cut and inquire as to my stylist.  And the full credit goes to Subairi.  He does a fabulous job on cuts, and even better on highlights.  Unlike some stylists I’ve been to, Subairi really listens.  After telling him I’d like to have more low lights to make the blonde not so blonde, he accommodated easily with beautiful and incredibly natural-looking color.  I brought my sister to him for a cut and highlights before her wedding, and she claims it was the best haircut/color she’s ever had – she was thrilled.

I would recommend Subairi hands-down.  He’s gotten a little pricier over the past few years – a cut runs me $60, and a full cut and highlights is $150 (not including tip).  However, considering the highlights grow out so well that I only have to get them done once every 3 months, for the DC area the expense isn’t too bad.

May Wedding Photos

Tracy on her wedding day

Tracy’s bridal party

Tracy with feathers in chignon

Mark V.



Mark V.

Washington, DC


I discovered Urban Escape about 3 years ago and since I have had my own customers ask where I get my hair done. There is no other place for me to go than Agus that has moved to By Subairi. He has a great sense of knowing what his clients want and when they do not know he just works his magic and ALWAYS satisfies that need for “something new”.
The entire staff is dedicated to making you feel at home in a large city with a small town feel.
Thanks By Subairi,

John Sproul

Thanks Susan for always doing such a great job…your transformations are the best!

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