Haute Style: Hair Extensions and more
Monday February 24th 2020



Paul Brown Straight Perm to fix the Summer Frizz!

During the Paul Brown Straight Perm treatment

The client in the picture wanted to smooth her unruly locks. She had very tight curly regrowth at her roots and about four inches of relaxed hair on the ends. She had relaxers before and felt they made her hair too straight and limp as well as dry. We used the Paul Brown Straight Perm Treatment on her regrowth and ends. We pretreated her hair with Treat Elite, a keratin hair strengthener, that protected her already chemically processed hair. The finished hair had a little wave still so she could wear her hair wavy with out being frizzy. When we blew out her hair it was shiny….no flat iron needed.

After the Paul Brown Straight Perm treatment