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Saturday July 13th 2024



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Washington, DC

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To me, By Subairi is about Agus. He is the only stylist I know at there, and I don’t mind it that way.

I will have to rewrite this review later to do Agus full justice, but for now, let’s say that it deeply pains me that I have bought a $20 clipper that I use on my hair when Agus is busy or away, or I am. It is a melancholic feeling, awkwardly and sloppily cutting my own hair, looking at myself in the mirror, clipper in hand, knowing that Agus could be doing it much more skillfully and with much more ease while at the same time being a friend, for a short period of time.

I have sent all my friends to Agus, and they are all pleased and delighted at the prospect of going to Agus, and happy after they leave him with a fresh cut.

Agus speaks some Dutch because he is Indonesian (makes sense, right?). I am Dutch, I like speaking Dutch with non-Dutch people outside the Netherlands, and I like Indonesians (and their food) . He has a small scooter he uses to scoot around DC.

It’s a steal for the price ($35 + tip), and it wouldn’t surprise me if the price of Agus’s services outpaces inflation.

All praise due to Agus.