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Thursday June 6th 2024



Controversy about the Brazilian Blow Out! Another reason to try our Paul Brown Keratin straightening treatment

According to a report on ABC News, significant levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, has been found in the Brazilian Blow Out products. They claim to be “100% salon safe”. According to a study made by the Oregon OSHA and the Oregon Health and Science University’s Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology  the products had an alarming amount of formaldehyde. They found it contained4.85 to 10.6 percent, as well as unspecified amounts of methanol and ethanol.  According to ABC News , if a hair treatment has more than 0.1 percent formaldehyde, the manufacturer should alert the stylist. Regulators in Canada have issued a health alert warning that the Brazilian Blow Out product contains 12 percent formaldehyde, which causes burning eyes, nose, and throat, breathing difficulties and some hair loss. For more info. check out http://www.newsinferno.com/health-concerns/popular-brazilian-blowout-prompts-health-warnings/. We know that Paul Brown products are formaldehyde free.